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Posts: 3
I am struggling to implement the following functionality:

- I have a form with multiple fields and lables
- I have a radio list with 2 options (yes/no) partway down the form (it's a vertical stack form)
- When the user selects yes or no I need to:
+ Reset the values in certain inputs in the form to null (they are all currency inputs)

I've tried doing this with a data flow so far, following these steps:

- Create a data flow with just a start and a done, nothing else
- Add an input from the the radio list that triggers the change
- Add an output variable that just has a value of null
- Map this output variable to the input in the form

This doesn't work when the output from the data flow is a constant of null, however it DOES work if I set it to 0, but unfortunately that isn't what I need. To clarify I have set 'Allow Null' both on the data output variable, and on the input on the form but this has no effect.

A potential alternative solution is to just reset the whole form - but I can't see any way to do this either! The only thing in the docs about resetting a form is to use a post back button or something, but that's not what I need.

Anyone any ideas?
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