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Posts: 5
Stumbled upon an error while implementing a Decisions cluster behind a load balancer. It was a bit tricky to trouble shoot so I thought I'll share.

Basically I was getting a 502 Bad Gateway error when shifting between Studio and Portal. It worked again if I just reloaded the page. It usually happend the first time I shifted, and after that it worked fine for a while.

This only occured for users that was logged in with SAML SSO, not local users.

After troubleshooting I found that the load balancer by default had a maximum number/size of headers and Decisions exceeded that threshold when redirecting between portal and studio. (Probably headers that are related to the SSO)
The solution for HAProxy was configuring tune.http.maxhdr to a larger number (I'm using 500 and it seems to work, but a to large number could affect memory usage. So please tune this to your implementation). If you are using Nginx you should look into the buffer-size parameter.

Hope this helps
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