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Dave Scaglione
Dave Scaglione
Posts: 8

Dave Scaglione
Dave Scaglione
Posts: 8
I've figured out a nice way to make the user experience easier for a customer that's entering their address on our forms and I figured I'd share this here in case anyone else needs help figuring this out.

The use case is that a customer needs to enter their information to complete a contract with us, pretty standard procedure at any company. As part of that request process, we need their full legal address, etc. etc.

So we have a basic form that asks for the following in this order:

Address 1
Address 2
Zip Code

This is where I used an Active Form Flow to use the USPS API module in Decisions.

I created a simple Active Form Flow and told it to use the Zip Code text field on the form as its trigger:

Then I went and created this simple flow:

This works really well, so hopefully somebody else will find this useful!
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