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I'm building an integration (in decisions to a system that takes a header like this

I created an integration; and added a method that needs an authorization header:
  • Header Name
  • Authorization
  • Value (this is required to have the space between the word token and the values)
  • Token 128371987398172390

Right now with no parameters running the request in postman from our decisions dev server with the token populated it returns data.

When we call it in decisions (with the correctly spelt header and values - copied straight from postman} it fails and the remote system says it cant see the header. I can reproduce this error in postman by disabling the header value.

Does the system encode the header so the space becomes %20? I'm not sure what i could have wrong at the moment. I have used headers on other rest queries and they have worked ok. I'm running on a shared service so i cant intercept the request that is being send to validate that. The third party have said the header is coming in malformed but cant send it back to me.
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