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Reports Auto Refresh not working in Page

from Powerpuff
240 2

Link to a Submitted Attachment on Reports?

from Dave Scaglione
21 days ago
from Dave Scaglione
376 4

question about delete items

from frankgrimes
143 2

Lock Header Report

from Ezra
from Ezra
123 5

Change Auto populated Date to null value

from myname
241 2

Filter report based on Case ID

from Josh
181 4

Filter report based on currently logged in User

from Powerpuff
110 2

Help Defining line chart data sourced from report

from Powerpuff
81 2

Report Colum Sorting Issue

from Powerpuff
117 2

Auto expand column

from Ezra
148 4

Folder State - what does this represent?

from DanMcA
190 4

Report header visibility

from bartez
120 2

How to Show a String List in a Report

from krustykrabpizza
251 4

Is there a way to combine report filters using OR?

from Lions22
140 2

Filter value change with flow run part

from michalk
183 4

Have a Report Show the Quarter in a DateTime Field

from krustykrabpizza
108 2

Using CSS in Flow Run Inline Field on Reports

from Guest
799 3

Exporting Charts from the Report Designer

from SamBean
112 2

End User Removing Columns From a Report

from GeeTrends
120 2

Help with Color Rules on a Report

from krustykrabpizza
114 2
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