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I knew that! Thanks!
While swapping the Repository from one server to another, we need to follow the below steps:
  • Install the same version of the Decisions Repository on the new server.
  • Point new repository server to the current SQL database during install.
  • request license key with the new machine key for the new server
  • ignore/retire the old one
Additionally, you will need to perform the below query on all the environments that were connected to this repository server and restart these environments.

update module_resource
last_date_upload = null,
last_date_download = null,
revision_id = null

Running this query should prevent any potential checkin errors and 'unable to find revision number' errors that may occur later on.
Jibbin Mathew
I would like to replace our Repository server with a new Windows Server. Can you please tell me the recommended path to be followed while doing so?

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