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To add a “Break Lease “ Action to assignments for Non-admin users we will need to create a custom user action for the Assignment Type. Then we can add action visibility Rules to restrict the action to specific users.
  • Create an “Assignment Configuration Extension”.
  • Navigate to a Designer Folder.
  • Click “Create data types/Integrations”.
  • Navigate to Configuration Extensions>Add entity Actions and Configuration.
  • Make sure this folder gives permission to “all users”.
  • Additional Information on Configuration folders can be found in this documentation

  • In the newly created Assignment Configuration extension, create a User action.
  • In the flow, step tab, navigate to the Integration>Internal Services>Object Lock Services. This section will have the steps needed to break the lease.
  • The “Break Lock” step is used to break the lock on an object. In this use case, it can be used for assignments. We will need to pass the Assignment Id from the Flow input data to this step.
  • For example, I have created the following user action where it checks if the assignment is locked. Then get information on the locked assignment (using the “Get Locked Info step”). The Form outputs a message to let the user know the assignment is locked by someone. The “Break Lock” step allows the user to break the lock. The “End Session” step will take the user to the assignment.

  • We can use an Action Visibility Rule to restrict this action to specific Groups.
  • Additional information on Action Visibility Rules can be found in the following documentation

  • For example:

    This will complete the action and make it available to the specific users.
    To add information regarding who has the assignment opened, we can use a Flow inline column for the report. For this Flow we will need to use the “Get locked info” step( Integration>Internal Services>Object Lock Services).
    Additional information on Flow inline fields can be found in the following documentation:

    For example, the flow can look like the following:

    Note: The example above was developed to be instructional, and were not developed as officially supported components.
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    Yes. We want managers and team leads to be able to break the lease but we do not want to give them administrator privileges
    The "break lease" action will appear for users part of the Administrator groups. Are the groups you using non-admin users?
    Hello, we have a report that shows records and you can click on a record to open the assignment. If some one else is in the record I (an admin) can right click and break the lease. If someone else right clicks a record that is being used it does not show this options. We wanted to know if it is possible to give certain groups permission to break the lease depending on the report. Also we would like to know if we could get it to show who is in the assignment to all users who do not have the break lease option when they right click.


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