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Decisions does do indexing in the backend in the DB, which are included below. You can add indexes as you like.

1)Built-in objects (Account, Assignments, etc). Decisions has some default indexes that it creates on these tables to speed up SQL operations. We have identified these as important based on profiling and tuning we have done for the product. They are applied during installation
2)Folder Extensions. Decisions will create indexes on folder extension objects to index
(1) the primary key column,
(2) the parent folder id (entity_folder_id) column,
(3) the extension_id column, and
(4) the extension_id_type column.
They are created at the same time as the database table that stores the user-defined data.
Does Decisions make any indexes outside of the clustered index established on table creation? If no, is there any reason why we shouldn't make indexes in the Decisions database?

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