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As a Note here you will need to add this Fiddler Block within the AssemblyBinding block of the DecisionsServiceHost.exe.config File
Fiddler needs to be added as a proxy in DecisionsServiceHost.exe.config (which can be found in C:\Program Files\Decisions\Decisions Services Manager). This can be done by adding the following block and then restarting Service Host Manager:

This article from Telerik may be helpful:
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I’m trying to debug a flow that interacts with a web service using Fiddler, but I’m running into an issue: As described in this article Fiddler cannot capture traffic from Localhost or being hit, but instead must capture local traffic using the machine name. I was noting that I can’t login to decisions from any outside machine, and am now noticing that when I hit the machine name locally the same behavior occurs. The login screen is visible, but it repeatedly tells me my password is wrong despite it being correct. Any suggestions?

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